Welcome to Northwind Rail Services Inc. We provide a wide and extensive array of maintenance services to the railway industry including but not limited to the following:


Equipment Maintenance and Repair:

  • COT&S of passenger and freight cars
  • COT&S of locomotives
  • COT&S of Rail Diesel Cars
  • On-site routine equipment maintenance and restoration
  • Coupler and draft gear inspection and change-out
  • Oil change / Grease job
  • Oil sample analysis
  • Brake repair / Adjustment or replace when necessary
  • Main reservoir tank, Aux reservoir tank, piping repair and change-out
  • Air brake troubleshooting
  • Handbrake inspection and change-out
  • Traction motor maintenance or replacement when necessary
  • Truck bolster spring and equalizing spring change-out
  • Wheel and traction motor change out on locomotives
  • Wheel change out (rolling stock)
  • Wheel sizing and matching
  • Starter / Fuel or water pump repair or replace
  • Electrical troubleshooting, cleaning and repair





To request a quote please inquire via email to info@northwindrail.com

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